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We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are remaining healthy and well protected during this critical time the world is seeing. 
Our office is closed per American Dental Association and Center for Disease Control (CDC) advisory for the safety of patients and serving staff from concerns surrounding COVID-19. 
We are optimistic that State’s current lockdown efforts will help a great deal to break the chain of further spread. As we know more about this virus our office is gearing up to take appropriate measures to maintain a clean and safe environment for all who walk into our doors. Our office maintains the highest standard of infection control and cleanliness. Clinically, at the present moment CDC has not recommended any other measures beyond the due diligence we take every day.
Safety of our patients and staff has always been our number one priority and we will soon open for emergencies and for some procedures for new office hours which will be announced on this website.
If you do have an emergency please call or text to 302-378-3384 and someone will get back to you. 
We strive to be there for you! We can’t wait to reopen! Please take the lockdown  seriously!
Dr Jeena Jolly, Dr Neena Jolly, Dr John Lawrence and staff